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Thread: Back agian.. I think..

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    Default Back agian.. I think..

    Howdy, I had thought that I signed up for this particular forum before and only posted a few times. Either I'm mistaken or who knows but anyway it is offical.. agian, possibly haha. So hello to all! Truly do enjoy this site a lot of intresting people from what I see and look forward to being a part of this wonderfull community!

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    Welcome back. I'm assuming you had to make a new account as your date is current?

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    Hi Ziggy

    Welcome (or welcome back) to ADISC!

    I hope you can stay active here, and enjoy the rest of your time here as a active member!

    Just curious, what is your favorite sport (or music or hobby, etc) ?

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    Yes it is a new account, couldn't quite remember what it had been before. Yes sorry I was quite vague in my intro about myself.. but I did put some things into my profile to describe myself better. Favorite sport to watch would be American rules football even though the NFL is trying to ruin it, lol. I would guess that personally I enjoy any kind of physical activity sports wise as I'm always willing to try anything at least once, but I'm a huge bowler ifin you consider bowling a sport, I play a lot of texas hold'em as well! Well anyway thanks for the responses and the welcomes

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