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Thread: Disappearing media on Android OS.... help? please?

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    Default Disappearing media on Android OS.... help? please?

    Why do my new playlists, pictures, and music files randomly disappear?! The songs and pictures do randomly reappear eventually, but the playlists die forever! It basically renders playlist functionality useless! I'm on version 2.3.4. I have a T-Mobile HTC G2 phone. It's not rooted.

    Anyone have any helpful ideas? Please?!

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    where do you have your music saved? On the phones internal memory or the SD card?

    I find that sometimes that the music and pics disappears because the phone has not read the SD card fully. Thats what my Razr does some times.

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    On the SD card. I have to keep the low internal memory reserved for apps and settings, mostly. I tried a media rescanner app, but it's not really making much difference.

    I had slow responsive issues with Android, which were solved when I upgraded from 2.2.... then this new problem appeared. >.<

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    Ok, when on the sim card do you just have them anywhere on the card or do you have them layed out in a folder stucture?

    This is how i got mine



    Having it setup this way the phone finds them quicker (for me anyway)
    Keeping the ringtones in the internal storage keeps it from losing ringtone settings when you have to plug in to the computer as usb mode.

    I dont really know what to say about the playlist besides see if there is a good app that can manage it

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    I recommend checking the SD card for errors on a computer, I opted to fix the errors. And it worked for me when pictures on my phone kept getting corrupted. Maybe it might work for your situation.

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    I don't know if any of that will help. my music and pictures are basically in their own folders, not really scattered all over the place.
    I was thinking of scanning the SD card.... I guess I'll try it. Not sure if it will find anything, but it's worth a try.

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