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    Ok I've run into a slight problem my waist size (26 i think) is to small for adult diapers (which i have no real desire to wear.... if u understand why [but i don't know what choices i have thats why I'm asking] ) and i fit into goodnites and stuff but they don't feel like they "fit" right...... i want a comfortable good fitting one anyone got any recommendations? >.< and I'm sorry if this is ill written i get nervous when posting anything

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    They make youth adult diapers since you know, teenagers need them too sometimes. Of course I could only ever find those type online only. My advice is to check out XP Medical since they are pretty cheap most of the time and they ship from Southern California. I never ordered diapers up in Oregon since I would never send any to my mom's or brother's house up there but I would expect them in less then maybe 3 days.

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    *sigh* see thats my problem i cant order offline....

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    I know that there are youth size diapers made by some manufacturers, but I have no idea where you could go buy them, most likely a medical products store. The internet is the place to go if you can. Others here (Darkfinn) have more knowledge on this area than I do

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    Well....... darn, he pretty much got the only really good answer unless you wanna try one of the size 6 or 7 baby diapers but that probably won't work so I'd say go with Fire2box or gain a lot of weight. As far as ordering online goes have whatever you want shipped to a nearby fed ex store using an American Express gift card that you bought yourself.

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    @[email protected] i can't go gaining weight >.< thats a no no in my book im a healthy underweight 128 pounds

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    Quote Originally Posted by liloneinmymind View Post
    *sigh* see thats my problem i cant order offline....
    If your talking about having no payment method at all that's solved pretty easy by pre-paid credit cards or money orders. Money orders are exactly like checks that already been paid for, you don't need a bank account for them. They can be bought from post offices, Winco for about like 25-50 cents there I think stores. All you need to do is find out much money the total online would be then ask for the money order in that amount.

    After that you need to snail mail it over to where the company is and wait for them to process it before they send you the package. Anyways I would look into the pre-paid cards first.

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    nah thats not my problem my dads girlfriend always picks up the mail first >.< before i get home from school (she leaves as soon as i get home) But that is a very good idea

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    I actually ordered a sample pack of Secure youth taped briefs, which arrived today ... only, they were a pair of belted undergarment things, with no belt.

    I'm assuming it's a packing error, but I haven't heard back from them yet.

    They also have the X-plus and Premium taped (but not the Plus) in small size (22-34" and 20-31"). You may want to give them a try - maybe order a sample pack, and hope you get what you ordered. You can have them shipped to a post office etc.

    On another note, their "discreet shipping" consisted of them gluing a piece of grocery-bag paper over the box name. Which didn't work, since it only stuck in the center. Not very professional in my opinion ...

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    Well... let me throw in my two cents here... as requested.

    First off... F2B was correct in pointing out that many manufacturers now make "youth" sized adult diapers (talk about an oxymoron) that will fit individuals who are out of baby diapers but not quite in to adult sizes yet. Most pharmacies don't carry them however, so your best bet would be to check online or in the phone book for a local medical supply store where they could be obtained.

    Medical supply stores are like big pharmacies, and most will usually carry a wider variety of incontinence products. If you live in a decently sized city, or in a place with lots of old folks you probably have one (or several) close by. If you find one, feel free to call 'em up and see what sizes and brands they carry so as not to waste a trip down there.

    Secondly... if you have to stick with what is available in the chain stores... goodnites would be your best bet. With a 26" waist you should be able to fit into the L/XL sizes no problem... unless you are extremely "gifted" in the genital or arse area. LOL

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