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    I know how to play chess and love the game and even though i am quite smart for some reason i cant think of strategies i just play the game PLEASE HELP!!!

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    The best thing you can do for your game is to read a few books on chess strategy. Openings, middle game, end game theories. There are ALOT of good books on chess out there written by lifetime instructors such as Bruce Pandolfini and Sunil Weerimentry or Grandmasters like Fein and Viswanathan Anand.

    I LOVE chess and it is the only game I have ever been interested in. I played video games as a kid and dabbled in checkers but chess is truly the most miserably enjoyable game that can both wreck your life and drive you to insanity. It can pill you with absolute poison and force you to re-evaluate your humulity and existence. It is the best teacher of humbleness and can build you as a person from the guts out. It also develops a part of the human mind responsible for congnitive thinking. You can start out "loving" the game to becoming obsessed with it.

    After spending 4 years of extensive play and study with the goal of achieving FIDE master I fell short with a peak rating of just over 1700. I fell victim more times than I care to remember to more chess gifted persons than myself. My only one score is a win with black against a 2000+ rated person with the Sicilian Defense. I conceded after this many years to being a potzer and now only play for fun and mostly enjoy watching international or national play and the fine commentary that comes with it during the game. The national and international tournaments just concluded last week with Anand again winning international.

    Another peak of interest for you may be to research and study the great retired chess greats such as Tal, Petrosian, Capablanca, Fischer, Botvinik, Kasparov, Karpov or Ivanchuk. They all had very different styles of play, in some cases hated or despised each other, and dedicated almost every breathing moment of their life to chess. Alot of great stories to be read out there on each of them. Capablanca for instance had a closed-game style and would strangle his opponent or lead them into unfamiliar territory. Fischer made some of the most amazing and deceptive high-value piece trades in the game.

    A great movie on the subject is "Searching For Bobby Fischer". I highly recommend it.

    Also, there are local clubs you may join and get some great over-the-board instruction.


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