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    Hi everybody,

    Usually I don't start topics based on my own needs, but I need some help now.

    I have been using L4s for quite a while. I'm now looking to get some 2s but not sure if I should go with M2s or L2s. I wear a size 36 jeans. I'm about 5 9, weigh 190 (have apretty big butt as well). The L4s are really big on me but they do feel nice. I'm afraid if I go with the M2s they will be too tight. I do want a tighter fit than the L4s tho.

    Will I be comfortable in M2s?

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    M2's will be small on you, unfortunately.

    Actually, you're stuck in a pretty crumby spot, in terms of sizing. The M2's might be alright, but considerably smaller than you are used to.

    If you're looking for a tight fit, I suppose they'll be ok.

    If you want to go another route, you can get the cloth-backed Delta M3's. They have an ever-so slightly larger fit, and the new cloth backing is actually quite good. The Delta M3 has a wider padding spread than the M2s, and is more absorbent. They do cost more, and are sky blue, however.

    If you do want to go with the M2's, they are a great choice. I would buy just 1 pack, or a sample before buying a bunch of them, just to see how they fit.

    Also, please be aware the M2's will soon be only available in cloth backing. Abena discontinued the plastic version in February, and supplies of plastic are dwindling now.

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    It's really hard to say as the anatomic differences range so much between individuals. I am also a 36 waist and 205-210 and while the M1-M4 do fit a little tight (mainly because I tape tight to prevent leaks), the large product swallows me. For me, on the mediums, the top tapes come just to the edge of the padding and the bottom tapes not quite so close.

    If you go through XP Medical, you can get sample products and try them. I believe they are 2 to a pack.

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    Thanks guys I appreciate the responses.

    I've gone ahead and ordered a pack to try...I figure I may as well before the plastic is completely gone. If they're too small for me, hopefully they won't be too large for the girlfriend.


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