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    okay so we've all heard of the infamous missingno "glitch" that happened in the original pokemon games on the Gameboy (GB). now heres something most later releases of the game did when you caught missingno....Game F*** in someway
    However in the first round of pokemon games to come to north america and pocket monsters green in japan (to an even bigger extent) missingno when caught did not mess up your game...and in fact it EVOLVED in to kangaskhan at level 26 you know the female only some of you will shoot me down for this but missing no is actually a hastily removed piece of data a female "marowak" so similar combee in the later generation V games male and female cubones evolved into marowak and the female later into kangaskhan but the developers at nintendo thought that kangaskhan should be a stand alone. now befor you say in generation I there where no genders they started in generation II....i point to cubones pokedex data from yellow.

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    No... you are absolutely wrong.

    Popular conspiracy theory, but the simple fact is that this is a glitch because the game doesn't know how to interpret the player after speaking to the OLD MAN. The game hijacks things and makes the player the OLD MAN for the purpose of watching him catch the Weedle, and is supposed to revert back when you leave the city by a route. By flying to Cinnabar, you are still in a city, so the game still says you are OLD MAN. When you start a battle still in the city, the game code is sort of messed up, and creates MissingNo., which is just a blank slot, since each Pokémon is 1 byte and the old games could fit 255, there was some leftover space. There's actually a much more detailed description of what EXACTLY happened when you did the trick, but I can't find it right now.

    Also, this doesn't explain why MissingNo. is Normal/Flying, or why it has Sky Attack twice. It was just a test Pokémon that was never meant to be anything.

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    i invite you to play a copy of green....and say that

    more over the lavander town thing is real...Leave.

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    It has been a while since I went over this last so please excuse me if I get something wrong

    The game has to store your name somewhere so it places it in the wild Pokemon data and as he said it does not revert back until you change the route.... So when the game is looking for the values for the wild pokemon it pulls it from the values of your name

    And by naming your character weird stuff you can actually effect the pokemon you find

    Posted form my iphone so sorry if it looks sloppy

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