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Thread: Hi, I'm new to the site

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    Default Hi, I'm new to the site

    Hi, I'm new to the site. I love reading any stories involving mind control, subliminal ect. Would love any recommendations. Thanks.

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    Evening, just4fun!
    I am Yournamehere, the friendly neighborhood economist-in-training.

    First of all- on the stories. In my tenor here, I haven't found a whole lot of mind-control or subliminal messaging- mostly because stuff rated above PG-13 is pretty much prohibited here. Top sticky of the story forum points that out- The all-powerful God admin, kind Mr. Moo, forbids material of such content.

    However, there is plenty of good writing to be found, and we have some incredibly talented writers here.
    Firstly, I just finished reading this, and it was excellent;

    WBDaddy's "A Change for Naomi."

    Next is the one I joined ADISC to keep up to date with once they went private:

    MisterD's "Timberly, Ohio (or "How I Ended Up at Prom in Diapers")"

    Finally, ADISC generally tends to prefer members who make longer introductions, and I personally would like to know more about you, as you seem (from the few sentences you've written) to be a rational and helpful new member. How did you find us? What are you interests, both in and out of diapers? What is your life?

    Welcome to ADISC!

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