So I've spent a lot of time (like all of us) looking at diapers online, deciding which one's I'll actually buy and which brands look the best based on my personal opinion. And what I've noticed from time to time on here and other sites is discussion coming up over some of the premium brands offering less well-known but still quality products.

Since so many of our favorite diapers (Abena, Molicare, Dry 24/7 and others) are all produced and based oversees, finding actual information about what they might offer besides their most well-known brands and absorbances seems pretty difficult. For instance, this recent thread pointed out another of Molicare's diapers that might be worth our while. And this one is about Abena's DeltaForm line, which most of us forsake for the Abri-form version.

So my question to you all would be: For those of us who prefer a maybe lower-absorbancy product but with the same great quality from our Premium Manufacturers, are there any hidden gems out there? Diapers of excellent repute but just not well known?