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Thread: Greetings from the Butterfly Mage

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    Butterfly Mage

    Default Greetings from the Butterfly Mage

    Well... what can I say about myself?

    I'm a Wiccan. I work in law enforcement (as a civilan employee of the Department of Corrections), and I am in a committed relationship with my domestic partner. I'm a big fan of Mystery Science Theater 3000 and was sad to see it go off the air. I like Second Life, even though all I do on it is chat. I'd say I lean a *little* towards "furry" if you can call wanting a butterfly costume being a furry (since insects aren't particularly furry). I'm an abuse survivor but I've had a lot of therapy so I do okay most of the time. I wrote a book once but it flopped, so it's a good thing I have a real job!

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    Butterfly Mage


    hi Thallis! You do indeed know me!

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    glad to see another member, great intro btw.

    I hope to see you'll stick around!

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    Welcome Butterfly Mage! From one (ex)Baltimorean to another I hope you enjoy being here. What side of town do you hail from? I was born and grew up on the west side in what's now some of the most crime and drug infested neighborhoods the city has.

    Hmmm.....don't know about furry butterflies, but I have seen furry(fuzzy) moths before. Hope you'll make yourself at home and post around. Maybe even get to tell me how things are in my old hometown of Balmer.


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    Don't generally see many Wiccan Law enforcers, although you'd see even less Amish ones.

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    OMG!!! COOL!!! You are Wiccan!!! Nice to meet you.

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    Hi and welcome to ADISC. I hope you like it here.

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