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Thread: Should women serve on submarines?

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    Default Should women serve on submarines?

    Only just recently, navies such as the USN and RN have decided to allow women to serve on submarines. This is not new; some Nordic countries have allowed females to serve on their diesel-electric submarines.

    Q: Should women be allowed to serve on submarines, given the confined space, proximity to men along narrow spaces? If countries are allowing them, is that a positive move or simply a politically correct act to pander to women's rights groups?

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    Quote Originally Posted by KuroCat View Post
    There's no reason it shouldn't be allowed.
    Could you elaborate

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mandyloo View Post
    Could you elaborate
    Why should women not be allowed to serve on a submarine? There's no reason for them not to be able to. Even if they're working close to men, it's not like they're going to go out and have sex. If they do, it's not a constant basis, and I doubt it would hinder work. If it does hinder work, then appropriate legal action would be taken.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mandyloo View Post
    Could you elaborate
    He should give all the reasons why women should be allowed to serve on sumbmarines?

    I would assume it's simply because women are humans and can do pretty much everything a man can do and take up just as much, if not less space. Plus as you said US Navy already allows it, which is a bit long overdue. Now on the other hand, I can't think of anything more creepy then a submarine commanded only by women. Don't even ask me why because I practically have no clue as to why.

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    As much as I would like to say yes equality for all there are a couple of issues at work first off the submarine fleet is the first and last line of defence for the uk (not wanting to provoke a nuke debate) and as such the operation of the vessel is far more important than the rights of any individual chosen to crew her all uk subs require crew to hot swap bunks ( you get out of bed someone else gets in it) there all bunks and all except officers are in one main room as are showers you can't alter these subs to include a ladies and gents loo! It's not the woman that would be the problem it's the men's reaction to her, although the uk only have one female submariner, it's worth mentioning though that there are plenty of women in the royal navy it's the only part of the armed forces where women are routinely posted to the the front line of combat so they should be used to working with women but just not so close,

    My final thought its fine as long as it doesn't interfere with the operation of the boat!!!

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    Oh, that iconic call echoing through the boat;
    "snatch in the hatch!"
    (as the ladies in their dresses clime down the long ladder)

    so just which one of you swinging-dicks ever even been on a pig-boat, let-alone gone out and punched some holes in that big-ass ocean out there. ever stood watch in your skivvies and t-shirt because of the heat and emergency conditions. how about there just wasn't any damn fresh water to shower or shave in so no one did as the reactor plant needed all that we could make. do you know how we dump our 1200 gallon shit-tank every 6 hours..... (you'll love this)... we go to 150 foot and pressurize the tank and blow the crap over the side. but we are very careful not to let any of that nice clean fresh smelling air that we put into that 1200 gallon tank go over the side with the poop. noooo...... we save it and vent it back into the boat just near the crews mess. the reason for this is two fold; it would be very noisy to put bubbles in the water, and we need that air in the boat in order not it create a vacuum in the boat when we charge our air-banks. guess when we do all this blowing and venting? well, it's at the same time we are changing the watch, meal time......

    a cold-war fast-attack boat was just one step away from living in a sewer pipe. even the families who would meet us when we got back would wait up-wind way down on the grass at the end of the pier. they all said that when we would open the hatch's and the air would start blowing through that boat the stanch would be so bad it would all-but knock them over.

    now maybe in 2012 they have new "clean" submarines where people actually wear uniforms and shower, and don't live in each other's sweat and sleep in each other's.... well, i'll leave that up to your imagination. hell i hear they don't even have real periscopes any more (nor quartermasters for that mater). i can't explain to anyone what it is to serve on a weapon like a boat. you would have to live it to understand it. i can only give you a little sense of it.....

    i would say if a woman wanted on a boat, she was going to have to live like a man. the men were not going to live like women to accommodate her. and i wouldn't blame them at all. when i was on the boat, i lived like a man and knew if i wanted the experience, i had better like it. i loved it! i really did love it. no way did i want to change anything about those gross, crass, smelly loveable guys...... they need to be what they were to do what they did.

    a boat was a mans world, and putting a woman there is bull-pooh unless that woman wants to become more man-like to fit-in......

    and that is a "submarine-qualified" opinion......

    - - - Updated - - -

    pardon me ladies......
    i return you the the OP.

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    Well, one of the 25 officers selected for this program is a friend of mine from high school, and if she is still the same as I remember her being, well, I have absolutely no problem with this.

    As to the topic, well, if they can pass the requirements and are capable officers or sailors, then why should they not be allowed to serve. There is no reason that I can think of.
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    Of course women should serve on subs. Equality yo. If anything the reason why they didn't in the first place was because of gender bias and those sorts of things.

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    Sure they should, The first reason Women was not wanted on boats was because its said they give bad luck. Years down the road the reason they dont want them on a ship is the threat of rape. But if trained well any women should beable to defend her self on a sub

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