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Thread: Adult baby cots and cribs. Do you have one?????

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    Default Adult baby cots and cribs. Do you have one?????

    I'm gonna get my own place soon -finally got a deposit for a mortgage yay-
    And I was considering if I should get a adult cot I may even have a crack at it DIY style but I was wondering if any of you guys actually have one yourselves id love to hear people's opinions on their idea of the perfect crib or even post a couple of pic of theirs, the same goes for a highchair I'd love to see some good ones not just like the one that 'stanley' made himself the whole thing was just made out of two by fours!!!

    Ps I'm trying to design a four sided frame that could be erected around a single bed then collapsed and stored under the bed (just in case)

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    I think that you have to be careful with the dimensions or else they turn out a bit creepy. That said never seen one in person so what would i know. xD

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    I can't live at home currently plus need the support of a regular bed as much as it would be to have one.

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    Hmm that about where I have been up untill now, but if I get my own house ( I'm looking at a terraced ) then I can have a normal double and maybe a single cot in the attic

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    Quote Originally Posted by superduper View Post
    I think that you have to be careful with the dimensions or else they turn out a bit creepy. That said never seen one in person so what would i know. xD
    I've got to agree with this based on what I've seen in photos. I think the sort of thing I would like would be along the lines of the top bunk from a set of bunk beds. You have the safety rails to stop you and your plushies falling out but it doesn't look like a creepy and scary cage. It'd have to be made out of wood too - certainly not metal.

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    @ cgh exactly! they have huge potential to look creepy and more like a piece of BDSM equipment than a kid's bed.

    @ the OP: if you're not terribly tall/don't spread out when sleeping a twin (otherwise known as a single bed) should be fine and I'd recommend getting the wooden rails advertised to stop kids from falling out of bed because they're much more sturdy if you roll into them/end up sleeping up against them. If you don think you'll need them to bear weight/ need them hide-able then you can get the plastic & metal with mesh ones that you install and can slide down under the bed. Most of the bed rails available for purchase are sized for a twin bed but there are some ones for full (double) beds If you're a bigger person. The wood rails usually don't slide down under the bed but could easily be explained that you roll out of bed without them. My boyfriend has them on his bed for exactly that reason and none of his friends have batted an eye at it. And of course because these mount on a pre-existing bed you can have the full support of a regular bed!

    Just remember to check that you bed and the bed-rails are compatible! For that purpose it might be advantageous to buy your bed frame from the same company as the bed rails in order to make certain that the bed rails will be compatible; though this is only an option for wooden rails and is generally much more expensive.

    If you're skilled with construction and plan on making your own rails remember to size them correctly to your bed so they don't look teeny or over-large and to use good materials because there are few things that hurt more than breaking through a piece of wood. It can hurt you pretty bad.

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    Yes I have got one and the best thing about mine is that I can turn it also into a bunkbed if anyone in my family dont know about my ab/dl side :-)

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    I've had mine for over 6 years and use it all the time. I bought it online for $1,000.00 (that includes shipping).

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    I was actually wondering wear i could purchase a crib and highchair for adult babies? and a playpen too!

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    i ve seen a cot i like shouldnt be that hard to make a adult sized one
    here it is
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Hope-pink-baby-crib-girl-cottage-caden-lane.jpg 
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Size:	21.4 KB 
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    also here is a more standard design but it is specificaly for adults from the care industry
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	photo.JPG 
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    I'm thinking that the side rail should be about 2'6" above the mattres top so you have to kneel to see over the rail

    id love to see pics of a real one or even photos of baby cot that would be a good basis to work from!

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