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Thread: ASAP Abena Ordering Help?

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    Default ASAP Abena Ordering Help?

    Hi, I'm planning to ordering these Abena M4's from Incontinence choice: Case Saver 3 x Abena Abri-Form Medium (70-110cm 27-43in) X-Plus (3600ml) Pack of 14 - M4 - -

    I can't find any details on whether they ship discreetly, how big the case is, how long it takes to arrive and if they'll process orders over the jubilee bank holidays.

    Can anyone who has ordered from here before please let me know otherwise I'll have to get more Cuddlz diapers instead.

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    I haven't used this store, think there is a thread about it somewhere (generally positive reviews) but am pretty sure nobody will be processing orders over the jubilee bank holidays. If it's "next day" delivery they will process on Wednesday and you will receive on Thursday.

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    Hi jj2jjj,

    Though I have never ordered from this company (I'm from the US), I can maybe help out a little bit. In the link you provided, it says in the right hand corner: "Discreetly wrapped and delivered next working day (if ordered before 4PM)." I would take that as a good sign.

    On the site's front page, it says that they will be closed till Tuesday, June 5th (ordering after the Jubilee is over might be a good idea). Exploring the site, I didn't see anything on box size, but I'm sure it's a pretty basic sized box.

    I hope this is somewhat helpful. They look like a legitimate company, so I wouldn't doubt that their offers are false.

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    After clicking on the link, the first thing i saw was a delivery man holding a package, "discreetly wrapped and delivered next working day" is right next to him

    As someone else said, it probably won't process during the next 2 days

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    I feel like such an idiot for not saying that :-D LOL Thanks guys xD

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