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    i just got skyrim last saturday and i have played it and i was just wondering if any body can give me tips on the game please and thank you

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    Don't power-level crafting skills cause it'll up the difficulty of the monsters you fight so much faster. I really liked my first play-through as a pure mage, sneak can be time-consuming, and melee is...melee, you love it or you hate it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Malatovmike View Post
    sneak can be time-consuming
    This is just painfully false. I actually found sneak levelled TOO fast. I was 100 sneak before anything else even hit 40. If you never sneak, then obviously it will take a while, but if you routinely try and get the sneak bonus damage, then you'll max out sneak way faster than anything else.

    Otherwise, his advice is true. If you don't level some form of combat alongside your other skills, you'll have a VERY hard time advancing.

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    Magic is super-OP. I don't use it, but I've seen my cousins use it and own some major ass.

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    You can get extremely powerful in your first few hours playing. If you play sneaking, then you've already won. You can kill dragons in one hit if you're sneaking, and you have the correct perks and weapons. Magic is the opposite of that, being really weak and generally useless.

    You can craft the strongest armor very quickly. There's also no reason to use heavy armor, as there is a cap on how much armor you can have, and you can reach that cap with light armor.

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    I would also advise that you stay away from power leveling your crafting and enchanting for a different reason, you get over powered too fast, and the rewards from quests seem pointless. I got my character to maximum armor and magic resist with a hammer that caused over 100 damage despite my low two-handed skill, as well as causing about 100 magic damage in various forms...
    And the game was freaking boring. Even the best quest rewards were trivial, and the worst ones had me wondering why I bothered. No enemies could scratch me, all quests were boring, and everything felt pointless. I started over, and since then I have avoided crafting beyond minor improvements to my gear.

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    Get a base of operations. Either a house, join a guild, or join the Dark Brotherhood. That way you have a place to store things that you don't want to sell.

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    i have a question how do you defeat the guy that is in azura's star

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    Quote Originally Posted by BluTack View Post
    Save regularly.
    THIS. For the love of anything, this. (Turn off autosave to fix lag, and you may have to deal with a lot of missed game :\)

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by cvilledperdyl View Post
    i have a question how do you defeat the guy that is in azura's star
    IIRC, you need to used ranged from behind cover to get him.

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