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Thread: Goodnites on sale at Target

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    Default Goodnites on sale at Target

    Today I went in search of the new Goodnites designs (with spiderman), and even though I couldn't find them I did find that Target has their current Goodnites inventory on clearance. I think the regular price on the Goodnites 12 pack is $9.49 at Target, but they are now on clearance on for $8.00. Just a heads up for anyone looking additions to your stash.

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    Kimberly Clark usually tries to help stores deplete their existing Goodnites stock right before/as releasing a newer type. I got a $1.50 off coupon when I bought some like a couple weeks ago, and they're usually pretty stingy with coupons. It's probably just to hurry up and make room so every place gets the new Goodnites at roughly the same time.

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    Hmmm I haven't worn goodnites in years

    I wonder if They'd fit

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    Quote Originally Posted by ConnorGaga View Post
    Hmmm I haven't worn goodnites in years

    I wonder if They'd fit
    The L/XL are the biggest now they've ever been! They stretch a ton.

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    I should probably stop by Target sometime this week to get some. The last time I bought Goodnites was when they were on sale so i'll continue doing that.

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    I got a 40" waist and still can fit in the L/XL GoodNites, they are my favorites, they are a little bit tight but they fit.

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    Goodnites11, thanks for the heads up!

    I hope more stores start selling GoodNites on sale! And i am so excited for the opportunity to try the new SpiderMan GoodNites!

    As far as the fit, they fit me good (size L-XL) I am 6' 0" tall, 155 pounds, 30" waist and I don't love the absorbancy of GoodNites, but I just like pullups (with the blue sides and Pixar Cars prints, etc) and GoodNites, for the designs and I just think GoodNites are really kool. At the same time, there seems to be very few diapers made to fit kids too big for size 6 toddler diapers and the medium depends and such that they sell at CVS. (In other words "youth" diapers and adult "small" diapers seem hard to find at stores and shops).

    Does anyone know when the new GoodNites will be coming out? Any guesses?

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    Quote Originally Posted by wwetbed View Post
    ...Does anyone know when the new GoodNites will be coming out? Any guesses?
    Actually, I have found both boys and girls new goodnites at Walmart, but only in the S/M size. I would guess that the L/XL will be available soon, as the L/XL size tends to sell slower than the S/M.

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    Do you think they'll be making L/XL Goodnites with the new designs? I noticed that they look a lot more juvenile than the current designs. Older kids may not want to wear something that looks like a pull-up. Has the company said they're going to be making larger ones? (That said, I sure hope they do!)

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    I haven't seen anything (that I can remember) that said there would be new L/XL Goodnites, but I hope there will be. Keep your eyes open and let us know if you find them.

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