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    First off I want to establish I've already gone to the doctors and tried medication. Stress was the origional cause of my bedwetting so there was nothing to treat. Now my stress is gone and I'm not getting any better. I have no issue with wetting the bed other than I had to tell my close friends, so that's all well and good. (They where cool about it.) Now though I find myself struggling with control some days. I've seen a few articles on it being the presentation of deep repressed emotional trauma/neglect. I guess my question is if it can really be a result of my subconscious? If so how badly do I need to see a psychologist about this?

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    I suppose that a deep seated psychological problem is a possibility. However, I suspect that a medical problem is more likely. I'd suggest getting a second medical opinion before seeking psychiatric help.

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    How old are you? Usually if you're a teen, it will wear off.

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    The Doctor told me that it is supposed to wear off, so I'm not concerned with it not stopping necessarily. What worries me is it's becoming more of a daytime worry as well. I'm not having accidents, though car rides are becoming a dilemma at times.

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    The doctor told me that my bed wetting might take some time before I got full bladder control. I was nine then and 40 years+ later I am still waiting.

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    I guess just be relieved that diapers seem to be something you kind of enjoy at least, and I'm sure your control will come back over time.

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    If you are not careful you may find an increased occurrence of issues due to stress... If it continues or gets worse I would highly suggest talking to your doctor

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    I would think there might be some other stress that you might not consciously be aware of that is still bothering you during rem sleep. Or maybe it could be some level of atrophy in the recline position or basically your body just got "use" to relieving while reclined? Have you noticed any problems at all during the day or even laying down for a while but awake? Are you sure it was from the same stress you 'removed'? Just some thoughts.

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    I need to be careful in what I say here because while i accept that you can be cool about bed-wetting and get support from understanding friends, that doesn't necessarily mean that you are not stressed about it - it could just be pushed into the background because you have found a very good way of coping. Car rides of any duration are also stressful for anyone with bladder issues and having good coping strategies in place can help reduce the stress and remove the part of the problem associated with anxiety. I am not saying "wear a diaper" because that might be overkill, but having spare pants in the trunk and a seal-able container to pee in might help bring back confidence and make the chances of accidental wetting much less likely.

    Hope things take a turn for the better.

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    Like dayannight said, stress is in many different forms and could still be the cause. If you really don't feel that stress is the cause, then have you thought about going back to see a urologist for more extensive testing? As you have read, we all have come to learn and deal with our incontinence in ways that allow us to live the quality of life we want to live. So you have to ask yourself, how important is this problem to me and what is the best way for me to deal/live with it that I can continue to be the person I want to be, active and lively or home alone. To help you figure some of this out, start making a journal of your wetting. Keep track of how much you drink and when you wet. This might help you see a pattern also if you do go back to see a urologist, this will be one less thing they will ask you to do since you are already tracking it. Hope you find the answers you are looking for.

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