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Thread: What is the best thing about being in a diaper?

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    Default What is the best thing about being in a diaper?

    What is the best thing about being in a diaper?

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    I believe it enhances my confidence knowing that if an accident were to occur, everything would be under control (technically...). I suppose it would remove the fear (:P) of such an event. The padding also tend to be more comfortable than regular underwear.

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    That feeling I get of truly being myself. Doesn't matter where Im at or what Im doing. Such a stress reliever. For that time, I'm completly being me.

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    When you are sitting a diaper, you have the knowlege that you are just a little kid who needs diapers! Wet diapers are also REALLY comfortable.

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    I just feel really safe in my diapers. Like I can just be whoever I am. I also don't have to worry going to the bathroom. :P

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    My bed stays dry and i sleep pretty well until it gets cold

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    Never having to use disgusting, scary, horrible public restrooms. They're comfortable and, lets face it, just so darned sexy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by fear View Post
    What is the best thing about being in a diaper?
    Probably just letting go because you feel like it and not having to worry about it. The easiest way for me to get into a little mindset is definitely just realxing on my bed and then tinkling away in a relaxed position. =D

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    being able to keep doing what I am doing and not getting up, and I can stay in bed and wet it if I have to go and not get up

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