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Thread: Have you unknowingly used your diaper?

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    Default Have you unknowingly used your diaper?

    Have you unknowingly pooped or peed your diaper?

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    Yes, but only when alcohol was involved and I woke up in a wet diaper great feeling unless it leaks and gets my gf all wet, then I wake up to her yelling & kicking the crap out of me sadly, she is one of those strange people who doesn't enjoy being peed on.

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    I've actually started wearing to bed after crazy drinking because a couple times I've ended up wetting the bed. Not exactly my finest moments, but hey it was fun the night before. Unfortunately, or fortunately, it hasn't happened since, so I haven't gotten to experience waking up randomly to a wet diaper. I would like to experience that once though.

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    Not so much unknowingly. I was once absolutely desperate to poop whilst I was browsing the web and just disregarding my need. It got to the point where it just decided to start coming out. So a little came out before I realised I was messing myself and was going to have to do loads of additional stuff to hide smell xD

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    Yes, I do it all the time. I'm IC. I have some control of bowels, none of my bladder what-so-ever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fear View Post
    Have you unknowingly pooped or peed your diaper?
    only as a toddler

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mandyloo View Post
    only as a toddler
    Havent we all?

    I used to as a bed wetter all the time years ago but lately im in full control...ecept that one time one month ago it was 50 aware/50 not aware...One day while playing a video game my Nintendo 3DS,I had a feeling like I had to go #2, but remembered that I had a diaper on...After that thought,I went back to my game and released it...About half way with my business,this level on my game was so hard that I actually forgot that I was doing #2!

    So I did unknowingly kind of one day.

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    I woke up messy one time while I was sick so I didn't know I had messed until I went to the bathroom. I had done it in my sleep. I am sure I have wet and not even know it. Occasionally I will feel warmth in my crotch without me even trying to let it out. Plus when I wear 24/7, I stop paying attention to when I have wet my diaper and it becomes a routine. I wet and then not think about it so I may not even remember if I have ever gone or not. Then other times I can remember when I last went.

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    Wet? Yeah, several times at night.(Only when padded...must be a sub-conscious thing) Pooped? Never. Fairrrrlly noticeable.

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