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    I havent seen a thread recently about bathtime and wondered what everyone thinks of a good bath I never took baths until about two months ago. I used to take baths all the time until I was about 11 and after that it was strickly showers. A few months ago my hubby and me were at wal-mart and he suggested I get some bubble bath so I could take a bubblebath and relax So I got some and setup a nice warm bubble bath, thinking I would just sit in there and chill. But as AB you can guess that didnt happen....I started playing with the water and bubbles. I loved it! Then I knew I had to get some tub toys. I find baths one of the most relaxing and 'little' times that I get. I can just sit in there and play and not have to do or think about anything stressful or grown-up.
    So I just wonderd how everyone else felt about baths....and if you take them, what do toys( or kiddie towls or soap) do you have? I usually use Mr.Bubble bubble bath, I have a few disney towels and my new toys consist of some bath crayons, some foam letters and numbers and some plastic squirter animals that float and link together. What about you guys?
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    bath time can be amazingly little enduing for me I dont have any toys, but it offers a great way to relax and let go, besides I have always loved water and being warm!

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    I love baths!! but with the kind of tub we have the water tends to get cold really fast and then i get cold but whenever I do take baths I love them and definitely would like to get some bath toys!!!

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    i have barbies with bathing suits on a Ariel doll made for the tub some bath small squirt toys a small boat and a toy fish and crab i love my bath toys and taking A bath its alot of fun

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    Oddly enough, when I was first married, we lived in an upstairs apartment which only had a tub, no shower. My wife bought me some bathtub toys, little boats and ducks, and I enjoyed playing with them. This was long before I came out to her about my AB side. I used to take bubble baths when she was out of town. I'd sometimes light candles in the bathroom. It was really nice.

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    I love to bath to some time. And it is very nice to have lots of bubble that you can play whit and maybe build something

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    never tried bath time, dont know what I would do if I did have someone give me bath time though, though I have wanted to buy bath toys

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    I've started having baths more recently and I really enjoy them. I haven't got any bath toys but I would love some. Sometimes my boyfriend will give me a bath and wash my hair for me and stuff. I really love it.

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    I love taking baths! I have quite a lot of bath toys including tub boats, a squirting car wash set, bath crayons, bath finger paints, water squirting animals, a fishing set, and a windup lobster. I use Suave Kid's 3-1, and add Crayola Tub Drops to make the water different colors each time. =D

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    I love bubble baths! I wish I could do it more often though... But I do have a bath toy that I'm surprised no one's mentioned yet, a rubber ducky!

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