The among the sleep thread reminded me of a game I'd seen awhile back, and having found it decided to post about it. The game is called Lucius and the main appeal of it (to me) is the fact that it is about creative killer for a, well, not good reason.

The game is based around Lucius, who has taken over the body of a 6 year old boy and tasked with killing the people within his families home. It isn't enough to just kill them though, you need to do it in a way that will prevent others from suspecting someone is behind it. This is pretty much the same information, but if anyone wants to read (or see videos and screenshots):

The game is now scheduled to come out around October 2012, as the developers decided a couple months ago that they needed more time to improve atmosphere and polish of it.

I think it could be a very interesting game, I don't think it is going to be any sort of evolutionary game-changer type, but it seems like (if done right) it could be a fun puzzle game that is more then the typical "put together 3 or more of <insert here>.
(And yes, I agree with the devs listing. It seem like a puzzle game primarily to me, being it is essentially about solving how to kill a certain person without anyone thinking its suspicious. Hopefully they include more then one solution though).