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    Among The Sleep

    I was at school surfing funnyjunk with a couple friends when this popped up, it's a horror adventure type game much like Amnesia. Full of mental puzzles and surreal environments, looks pretty freaky too, but the best part?

    You play from the perspective of a two year old.

    Watch the in-game teaser trailer on that link, it looks pretty damn cool. And as an AB it has an extra level of awesome...

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    it looks intresting, though I''ll need to know there's some sort of plot going on before I ever get it.

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    Kinda freeky looking, of course I was wondering if their was a change table that gets used in there LOL.

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    Haha looks crazy

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    Wish I would have seen this earlier. Sorry about that.

    So thoughts on game play?
    Teddy Bear shields?
    Pacifier to calm you if you are in a panic?

    If so, the game just got better.

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    That moment when the lights flickered off in the kitchen made me jump. I was really impressed by all of the unsettling objects and shadows. It really does remind me of those times when you're positive something isn't right in the room, so suddenly the entire environment becomes frightening.

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    Wish more people were talking about this, here is a small amount of things I would like to see in the game:

    -monsters under bed
    -monsters in closet
    -jump in mom and dad's bed to escape monsters, turns out they are monsters
    -hiding under covers from monsters
    -night lights keep the monsters away from you
    -music box item to calm you down

    Oh and the two other ones I brought up as well.

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