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Thread: cushies vs bambinos

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    Default cushies vs bambinos

    witch do u think is better?

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    I think cushies are better because they have the 1 tape on each side and look just like a baby diaper. Also they cost less and are easy to stuff.

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    how do u stuff? [Removed]
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    Everyone bashes Cushies absorbancy but I never fill my Bambinos to it's full capacity anyways. I prefer the cushies-they make me feel much more babyish.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shyone View Post
    how do u stuff?

    Read my guide on how to stuff a diaper or watch the video at the bottom of the page.

    Diaper Stuffing

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    Hmm hard to say. On one hand i love how cushies look (and smell if i get that option) But i also love how Bambinos feel..... But at the moment I cant get any bambinos. So Cushies :P

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    I never tried cushies, but given their by ABU I frankly don't want to order from them. Plus as before, it doesn't matter, Bambino ships within like 100 miles of my house. Recently my friend ordered me 2 bags of Bellismo's in which they showed up the next day before 8 am!

    They ship with OnTrac a regional carrier if you live within northern/central California at least.

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    Haven't tried Bambino diapers, but I do especially like the single-tape design of Cushies. I bought some of the cloth-backed kind and thought they were fantastic. Will I order more? That's the big question with ABU. The product seems great, but the company has some... challenges.

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    I think you guys are making ABU out to be worse than it is lol ... Idk if its just me but I've never had a problem with them except for when they first started out, but that is to be expected, now they're a bigger company and since then I have never again had problems with them or their customer service... I did read about their "horrible service", but I notice these.complaints are from their early days.. Plus, everyone has a different experience and different things that make them tick.

    As for the post, I like the look and smell and crinklyness of cushies but I love the feel, thickness, and WAISTBAND from the bambinos, so I buy both... Idk why abu won't get the damn hint and put waistbands on their diapers

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    Please keep this thread to comparing the diapers. We already have a thread elsewhere on the company's other issues.

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