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Thread: Am I doing this IRC thing right?

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    Question Am I doing this IRC thing right?

    >.> maybe i'm just a noob... but i'm sitting in the #adisc IRC thing and um... it's empty... so am i doing it wrong or is there just nobody there? I followed the guide to the letter... but eh... *shrug* lol i'm pretty simple sometimes xD

    i just wanted to chat since i finally got around to putting a diaper on again i'm excited! lol

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    Let see if I can help you...Click on Connect -Servers that under Category. Then scroll down until you see a folder call Blitzed and click on that and then double click on Random Server. After that a Connect Box pop up, then press connect. When you do that, a mIRC favorite box should pop up. Type in #adisc and click on the join button. Hope this help.

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    there are 24 people in the IRC channel right now. what client are you using. mIRC?

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    Sounds like you're on the right server, if you tell us which program you're using we can help.

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