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    i wanna go home.. but there has been a ton of shootings in seattle the past week and its becoming a war zone from what my friends are telling me.. wonderful..

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    The man who killed five people killed himself, so it may be safer to go home now.

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    It's too bad about Seattle. I was stationed at Bremmerton in 1969 and I loved going into Seattle on liberty.
    The question is did you leave anyone or anything there.
    I was born and raised in Cleveland. I left 35 years ago. Never looked back and never missed a thing that was there.

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    It was a tragic event, sure, but I'd hardly call Seattle a "war zone". Come on back to The Emerald City!

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    you should see the crime statistics from the country where I was born, South Africa has the highest rate of rapes in the world and and one of the highest homocide rates. Do I still want to live there? of course

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