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Thread: how to contain the smell

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    Default how to contain the smell

    Okay, so today my cleaning lady threw away my stash of wet diapers, which I was waiting until trash night to do, but anyway, I'm freaking out about that mildly. However, I think it was the smell that led her to the stash. How can I cover that up? My pee has been really strong smelling lately since i started drinking coffee and siting around for a day or two doesn't help. How can I control the smell of my stash?

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    Put them in zip lock plastic bags and keep in a sealed container.

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    In the U.K. bread is sold in plastic bags, these are fantastic for putting a wet diaper in and it`s long enough to tie a knot in the bag. The bag is then sealed up and odour free. Place a few of these in an old carrier bag and tie up the handles ready for disposal into the trash.

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    i use 13 gallon trash bags and chip clips, crude but effective and it holds a weeks worth and resealable

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    Plastic grocery bags. My daddy always grabs extra just for used diapers.

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    I just throw them away outside in the dumpster now. I don't care who sees them. But before I started to wear cloth. I would put them in the bucket and close the lid. Then when it get full I would pour them in the trash bag in the kitchen and take the bag out and take it out to the dumpster.

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    Drink water.

    I normally put them in the bags from subway(then tie them off) if I have any lying around and then normally put them in a Ziplock bag until I'm ready to take them out with the rest of the trash. I try not to let them sit around too long but now that I don't have access to the dumpsters on my college campus or an easily accessible dumpster where I work I can get a few days worth lying around. I just moved them out of my room into a bag in my garage so I can take them to the dump Saturday.

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    Keep them sealed in Plastic bags, and don't keep them in the garbage for too long.

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    If you have any way of getting to a public garbage can, that would be ideal. I often stop on the way to work in the morning to throw mine out at a gas station/grocery store. It stops them from accumulating.

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    I take them out every morning while everyone is sleeping. That's about 4:45am that's when i leave for work.

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