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Thread: Scam Diaper Website

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    Default Scam Diaper Website

    I wanted to let everyone know this website is a scam.

    Diaper Essentials

    They clam to make adult sized baby diapers, but if you look closely, they just used the free tapes from my website on a cheep no name diaper. Below I listed 3 different diapers they sell and the link to my site that they copied.

    Luvs Classic Youth Adult Diapers

    Huggies Little Movers Youth Adult Diapers

    Pampers Baby Dry Youth Adult Diapers

    My diaper tapes will always be free. Do not do business with this company.

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    It's a shame what they did. Have you tried contacting them?

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    Thank god you said something, i was just about to make an order from them, thank you

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    This is total amount it would cost 10 pack of luv's medium to be ship upstate New York for $34.42 with shipping what is $19.47 what crazy and the diapers for 10 package is only $14.95.

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    This has already been discussed, there was a huge thread about it:

    Of course it's closed now, though.

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    I knew those tapes on those diapers looked awful familiar. I just couldn't remember where I saw them. That is until I saw this thread.

    Everyone should avoid that company. It has scam written all over it.

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    I hate to be the voice of reason here but you could get into much more trouble for copyright infringement from proctor and gamble and kimberly clark for making registered copy freely available in a usable form then the trouble you could make for this company using what you have essentially illegally made public domain by making it FREELY available, by making these copyrights freely available you have committed copyright theft whereas the company above has just been thoughless for not asking permission to use your material. not to mention the registered trademark infringments you cant just add (c) (R) to your design you still have to obtain express permission of the copyright/registered owner. (falls under the commissioned works criteria)

    like wise the site in the OP is making the same infringements but stating things like 'Luvs® Classic Youth Adult diapers' when they would be more legal if they phrased it as ' a Classic Youth Adult diaper in the style of Luvs® ' as Luvs dont make a youth adult diaper.

    EDIT: I should also add that although your not personally making money you are facilitating commercial gain by making this material available which could see you getting into trouble if say procter and gamble were to sue this company

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    My research shows that this web site is sooo a scam web site.

    Poor @Pamperchu...

    Your not the first to be attacked by this web site...In fact,this web site used to be somthing else but I cant remember...Just look up the ¨company address¨[my fingers] that the web site says as you can see and you will see in the google search that its a scam web site.

    Im not sure why this web site or the people are doing this but apparently the people that run this web site arn't very friendly to us.

    *sighs*People these days...No respect at all.

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    Thank you for posting about this, so that people will not fall for this.

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    I remember the original thread and I remember looking at their advertising and suggesting that it was a scam. I knew that Procter and Gamble would not allow their name to be used in the way that they were. Their prices were out of wack as well. One should stay clear of them.

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