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Thread: An old AB television program

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    Cool An old AB television program

    Hi boys and girls,

    Back in 2001 I appeared in a program about adult babies on Channel 4 here in the UK. It was quite sympathetically done. I was filmed sitting with my soft toys and going around a toy shop. I thought I'd lost the videos but have found a clip. If you are interested in adult babies on television I put it online here.

    I looked young(-ish!


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    Wow 2001. I never even heard of AB/DL back then. I don't think I had the internet ether.

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    That's so interesting, Davy! I like your voice. Teehee. :3

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    Yeah, BluTack, for a 4 year old I'm positively ancient.

    Thanks, Fairycakes! I have an Oxbridge drawl, which is most definitely a proper accent

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    aww my sound has died... shall watch again when it magically comes back to life as it does randomly

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    Omg that is so awesome! Channel 4 seem to do a documentry on everything and I was surprised I hadn't yet seen one on this :P How did the public respond?

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    Le gasp! - A not so negative tv spot about ABs? Shame this can't be more common.

    Also - For some reason I didn't envision you having the voice you did :P(Though I like it, reminds me of a CBC reporter here)

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    My voice isn't that childish, I know Eulogy. Every time I've been to the USA several people always say to me, "Your accent is so funny!"
    I indignantly reply, "It's not funny at all! It is an Oxbridge drawl; most definitely a proper accent!"
    And they look appalled as if they've really offended me. I know my accent if funny, I'm not offended.

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