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    Recently I have been having feelings towards pacifier. I don't know why, but I keep having feelings to getting one. I still have trouble accepting my DL side, which I guess is what I mainly am. But now this. I am so confused. I don't know if I can handle buying one mentally. I need some advice. Btw some odd habbits I do is nail biting, putting my socked toe on my mouth and gently biting is and well as he lower 2/3s of my index finger. So any advice would be helpful.

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    I'd say follow your desires on this one as it's harmless. Don't get bogged down by the labels of AB and DL, they're just only meant as conveniences for us in shorthanding interests. I'm not very conventionally AB but parts of it are still there and I've been at this for a long while so I've tried a lot of different things that interested me at one time or another.

    Baby pacifiers were one that I gave a shot to just for the novelty. They did very little for me. When I found DPF, I wound up purchasing one of their larger pacifiers and it was a very different experience from the small ones. I would say my liking for them is more akin to a DL's liking for diapers as opposed to an AB's as it's more about the experience of it rather than harkening back to being a baby or child. They're not that expensive if purchased unmodified and they're pretty easy to conceal if that's important. Give one a try if you like.

    As for the nail biting, I used to have a real problem with that. Carrying around nail clippers at all times helped get me out of the habit. Mostly I was driven to gnaw on them when my nails would be ragged and catch on things, so keeping them neatly trimmed and filed helped immensely and of course they look so much better and it's healthier not having your fingers in your mouth all the time. Good luck with that

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    Any recommendations for pacifiers that I can get at Walmart?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sanddeath View Post
    Any recommendations for pacifiers that I can get at Walmart?
    Not really my area of expertise but I recall people who have good things to say about baby pacifiers seem to like the MAMs, so you might look for those in as big a size as you can get them. Perhaps baby pacifier experts will chime in here.

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    oooh pacifiers!! my specialty!! ok so I'm assuming that ordering an adult one offline is out of the option so I'll give a run-down of the one's you're most likely to have access to/want to buy

    MAM 6+ Months
    MAM Perfect Dentoflex Orthodontic Pacifier 6+ Months (different from the regular MAM in that the stem of the nipple is much thinner)
    Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature 6 - 18 Month
    Avent 6 - 18 Months
    Playtex Ortho-Pro for Older Babies
    Keep-It-Klean 6 - 18 Months
    Nuby 6 - 18 Months
    NUK 18 - 36 Months (Size 3)
    possibly NUK 6 - 18 Months (Size 2) though these are significantly smaller than the NUK 3s if you have a small mouth these may fit

    all of these brands tend to run between $5-8 for a pack of two, except for the Keep-it-Klean which only comes as a single

    Ones to avoid
    -Soothie/Wubbanub Pacifiers
    -anything that is marked for newborns

    All of these should be avoided because they are very small and stand no chance of fitting in an adults mouth.

    good luck and have fun!!

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