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Thread: When did you first wear a diaper as a *B/DL?

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    Default When did you first wear a diaper as a *B/DL?

    Read the title

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    I would imagine a few minutes old.

    Quote Originally Posted by TylerWWE View Post
    Read the title

    Aw, snap. Now the title has changed and we who said things like this look stupid. The original title was, "When did you first wear a diaper?"
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    Maybe a few minutes, like the above poster.

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    I think he mean when your wear your first adult diaper.

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    No first diaper as a tb abdl

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    Quote Originally Posted by h3g3l View Post
    I would imagine a few minutes old.
    aw man! you beat me to it! As soon as I read the title I thought of giving that exact response, LOL.

    to answer the question: the first diaper I put on myself to play in was probably around age 6.
    The first adult diaper I put myself into was probably around age 17.
    The rest as they say,,,,is history! LOL

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    I found and wore a few diapers as a kid at age 4, 7, 8, but didn't get back into diaper regularly until age 13 when I would skip school to go to the store and buy diapers.

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    This is embarrassing. I was 6 years old, and though it wasn't a diaper per se, we had a neighbor 4 year old boy who was deliberately wetting his pants. One day I stole his wet underwear just so I could wear it and feel that wonderful wet against my skin. I think I was too scared to wet my own pants, because I know I would have gotten a severe spanking from my mom. As it was, I got caught with it and had to take it back and apologize. I snuck it back and ran like hell, saying nothing.

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    i remember taking diapers from peoples diaper bags when i was around five . i bought my first pack at eight they were luvs with plastic backing and barney on them .then got my first pack of adult diapers at 16.
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