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Thread: Do you like bugs?

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    Default Do you like bugs?

    Do you like it when things like insects, spiders, chilopods, etc. come out when it's warm (or are present all year if you live in a warm climate)?

    I love them! I always try and find bugs outside when I go on walks, and I love finding ones I haven't seen before when I travel.

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    Bugs are neat. I found a Alaus Oculatus click-beetle in my backyard a few days ago. I snapped some good pictures of it. It must have been at least a little over an inch long.

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    As long as they don't have wings, they're great.
    The only exception being butterflies. I love trying to catch the little buggers by my neighbors flowering bush.. thingy.

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    Depends on the bug. I can't stand grubs and lice but most every thing else I like.

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    As long as it has between 2 and 8 legs I'm fine. I don't necessarily like them, but my lizard does.

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    No, I do not like bugs D:

    They're all gross or scary or icky.

    Butterflys and stuff like that are fine, but i dislike most other types.

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    No, I hate them. They fly in my face and are annoying and bite me.

    The worst most annoying bugs are these bastards:

    No, they do NOT eat mosquitoes, and yes, I HATE them. Gangly jerks that look like flying spiders. UGH. I know they're "harmless" but I'm going to die of a heart attack sometime when one attacks my face while I'm on the computer. >: (

    I would die if I lived in Australia, land of the palm-sized flies and forearm-long spiders. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

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    I don't like them. I understand that they need to be there as part of the food-chain and ecosystem, but I still see all creepy-crawlies as the spawn of the devil! They need to stay away from me - far away!

    Even when you touch a white moth, you still get covered in BLACK mouldy nasty stuff... How is that even possible? These things are evil! Evil I tell you! hehe :P

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    I like them, in general. The only ones I hate are wasps and hornets, due to the fact that I've been stung a few times and it was very unpleasant.

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