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Thread: Do you like baby/toddler food?

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    Default Do you like baby/toddler food?

    If you eat it, what's your favorite type? Anything you'd really recommend trying?

    I really like Gerber Graduate cereal puffs and cereal twists. =D

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    Well it depends, I love the fruit flavored gerber things, but there is this other brand called Beechnut that I bought a bunch of, i think its from Winn-Dixie, and it tastes so bad it makes me wanna throw up, i think they mix fiber into it or something but it tastes horrible.

    Ive never tried formula but i cant imagine it tastes good... i wouldnt wanna try it anyway, i'll stick with milk lol.

    Ive never tried the cereal or anything but im sure it just tastes like just that... cereal lol. Other than that I prefer just eating on baby plates with baby fork and spoon, like spaghetti or chips or stuff like that

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    Gerber baby apple sauce is tasty, other than that everything is yucky.

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    It's just puréed fruits and vegetables. I'd rather have applesauce or something than nasty baby food.

    It smells pretty awful to me :|

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    I like baby formula.

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    I like the Rice Cereal and the fruit jar food or container food. I eat it along with my son.

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    hm,I like the baby oatmeal alot...especially when it's mixed with the plums/prunes babyfood. Other than that...the baby snack foods can be nice.

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    When my daughter was a baby I would always by extra jars of Heinz Chocolate Pudding. One for her, one for me. They're like a creamy mousse, delicious.

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    I LOVE THIS STUFF!!! I like the way it feels in my mouth. It's like a softer version of normal applesauce.

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