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    Default know a good diaper

    ive always stuck with pull up type diapers but occasionally would wear one of depends max protection tape on diapers. thing is those dont exist any more so now i dont know where to go from there and stores here only carry depends and store brands (which dont make any)

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    Actually Tena makes good pull up types that can hold two wettings. Maybe more then that. If you have a small butt use these Tena Women Heavy Protection Underwear Super Plus | Walgreens If its a little bigger use these Tena Men Heavy Protection Underwear Super Plus M/L | Walgreens Both can be found at cvs or walgreens. They crinkle a bit too.

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    Ok what about tape ons? Pullups are what I use most the time but the only tape on I knew of don't exist any more. Thanks for the hint on the stronger Pullups though.

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