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    I got the basics of Linux down the only issue I'm having is installing programs and getting them to work any one know how and can explain well or know a site or book that can help?

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    Oh by the way I'm using fedora 14

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    .rpm Files are installation files for fedora, yum install is the terminal way of installation, and there is a package manger on fedora as well (I've forgotten what it's called) which is probably the most easiest, and user friendly was of installing software on fedora.

    Hope this helped!

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    Since you are a Linux beginner, use the Package Manager under the system settings which can easily be found there or a quick search. This will install them to the right place and have them working in one click. Since your not proficient in command line (which I would highly suggest learning here: Learning the shell.) that is your easiest option. Some less known programs require command line, but for you that will do the job.

    Let us know ya got her working.

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    Hi Wolfpack,

    Here's a link to the section of the Fedora 14 user guide that covers installing and removing additional software;

    Chapter 18. Managing software

    Hope this helps

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    Don't forget to install the build-essential tools, incase you want to compile programs from source. But that's sometimes the only option for some software (or a version you are hunting for). Fedora will likely have all the programs under the hood you need with it's package manager. I never use Fedora much, just CentOS and using yum.

    But using the package manager will be your easiest option. It basically is an app store. But everything is free!

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    Since your new to Linux i would recommend using the package manager. Its the easiest option although. Terminal is also fairly easy but since your new to it i would stay away from that.


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    Quote Originally Posted by UnMarth View Post
    But everything is free!
    thats why i got into linux in the first place. i got poped by the FBI once as a teen so i tend to now stay away from paid programs.

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