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Thread: Why is liking your diapers a crime?

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    Default Why is liking your diapers a crime?

    I have noticed that while incontinence may be accepted, liking your diapers isn't accepted. Why is that? Are incontinent people or people who wet their beds or need to wear them at times supposed to be unhappy about their problem and be all miserable about it rather than accept it? They do keep their pants dry and their beds dry so of course there be a reason why to like them.

    Just like I liked wearing pads when I get my period because it kept the blood off my clothes and kept me clean. I didn't mind getting my periods either because I was on birth control so it wasn't very heavy and I didn't get cramps. I wonder if liking to wear pads is bad? If my period were to be heavy, I would want to wear pull ups for security and would rather be bloody messy in them than in my underwear and I would like wearing them too because f the security feeling. So if I were incontinent and had to wear them and I wasn't into diapers before then, I could see myself liking them because they keep my pants dry and save me from having accidents on the floor or furniture and that be if I had good diapers and they didn't leak often and my incontinence wasn't a problem just like my period was not a problem when I was on birth control. Would I call myself a DL over this? Maybe if I knew I would keep on wearing them if I got bladder control back. If not, then no I wouldn't consider myself one. Some incontinent people consider themselves a DL and some of them do not even if they do like their diapers. I think it's just up to the person to decide if they are or not.

    Is accepting your diapers a crime too? Must be because of the way incontinent people have been treated in the Depends community by incontinent people who don't like their problem.

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    After having seen the aftermath of a period in underwear that somehow got into my friends laundry I can definitely see why you might want something more than a little pad for that...

    I think people will crucify you for whatever reason suits them best. As far as ABDLs are concerned that would probably be wanting to sit in your own mess, whether it was urine or both. Alternatively some people might find fault with us for environmental reasons.

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    Back when I was 12 and in my early teens, I wanted to just wear a diaper like a baby diaper or something. But I never asked my parents for them. I wonder if they would have bought me some if I asked and it was for my periods only. But I was too embarrassed to even ask and also the fact they knew about my diaper history. Then birth control solved it and I preferred Always and long pads and I started to wear toilet paper in my butt hole to keep the blood from dropping up and onto my panties and clothes and leaking onto my bed. Plus I hated the feeling of blood being up there and scratching it be messy.

    But as an adult and when I was 17, I have worn pull ups for my heavy periods. Now I just have them in my diapers. I have stained some of my cloth ones. I have considered to just start using a soft cup so it's less messier.

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    Hey I am nocturnally incontinent, and I have come to love my diapers. I depend on them to keep me from wetting all over, as well as I have come to like the security they give me,and ill be damned if I'm going to bed without one. And I do think that if you love what makes you feel safe is a bad thing then ppl r stupid.. I love to be padded and have also bought my wife diapers for her really heavy days and she loves the too

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    There's no laws on the books forbidding "liking diapers," therefore it is NOT a crime

    Seriously though, I know what you mean...I have to be very careful to conceal my "hobby" from most of my friends and family, and I hate that! I know it wouldn't be well-accepted because the subject has come up before (i.e. Stanley Thorton) and everybody gets hung up on the diapers.."Eeew..he wears diapers because he LIKES to? He should be in an institution!"
    I think most people just have a really hard time accepting anything they don't understand, or that challenges their little view of what is "normal." I know it would blow some peoples' minds if they knew about my diapers, because I would probably be the last person they would expect to be "weird" like that. Some would even be hurt, and wonder if they had anything to do with "making me this way." They would definitely see it as an indication of a mental problem that would need fixing. I know I don't need to be fixed and I don't want to cause anyone needless worry, so I keep this little factoid about me to myself, and to you, my faceless online friends.

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    I'm definitely not miserable

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    I'm IC and I'm not miserable about it either. Concerned perhaps, but not miserable, and it hasn't stopped me from enjoying all the things I used to enjoy. I just have to be a bit more prepared when I go out, that's all.

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    But why are people disgusted when someone who has to wear diapers likes them? That is what I am trying to ask.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Calico View Post
    But why are people disgusted when someone who has to wear diapers likes them? That is what I am trying to ask.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Calico View Post
    But why are people disgusted when someone who has to wear diapers likes them? That is what I am trying to ask.
    It's pretty simple: to someone who doesn't like them, diapers are a repulsive necessity in that they require a person to sit in their own waste. They're better than the alternative of the person leaving wetness and messes everywhere but diapers are only good within that narrow range of necessary evil. Diapers for adults are connected to a disability and something that is made to bring a person up to nearly "normal". On occasion they can actually be advantageous, but that doesn't compensate for their negative qualities. Just because you'd like to have a place to sit down in a parade, you wouldn't envy someone in a wheelchair.

    Disabilities are a touchy subject. It's hard to know how to react to them, whether the person would prefer they be ignored entirely, deferred to, or recognized. For many people, it's all of the above in different, unknown measure. Harkening back to wheelchairs, I saw a comment somewhere about a guy seeing a woman in a really tricked out techy wheelchair and not knowing how to talk about it. He honestly thought it was a cool device but didn't want to insult her. When you show yourself to be happy about the thing that makes you nearly as functional as the average person, it's confusing and throws people off.

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