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Thread: Make your own diaper tape

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    Default Make your own diaper tape

    I have looked and couldn't find anything on this topic. However, if I have missed something, then please forgive me for making another post on this topic.

    Today While I was at Hobby Lobby I noticed they sold different kinds of duct tape. Some of these tapes looked very colorful. Instantly I thought about how these different duct tapes could be used to make my own diaper tapes. I know diaper tapes can be expensive, and sometimes hard come by because of being ordered over the internet. I turned the corner and saw that Duct tape also makes their product in whole sheets (like a sheet of paper). I wanted to post pics of these different tapes so others could see what I am talking about. So I took out my smartphone and snapped a couple pics. With these different sizes and prints of duct tape I thought it would be very easy to make a simple diaper tape. You could even cut it to the width you would like and then, simply stick it to the front of a diaper. Here are a couple of pics of what I found in Hobby Lobby.

    I used rulers to illustrate the size of a sheet of duct tape.

    The printed duct tapes rolls were were $5, and the 10"x9" sheet of printed duct tape was $2. Next time I have time to myself to diaper up, I will use this sheet of duct tape as a tape landing area and take pics of it so you can see what the idea will look like completed.
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    There's penguin ones! ^_^ The only think I don't like about putting tape on a diaper is that it feels differently, but I don't care as long as it's a penguin.

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    Okay so, here is what I had in mind that could be done with a simple sheet of printed duct tape.

    I show the size of a sheet of duct tape comared to a Wal Green Certainty diaper ( I wasn't going to waste a premium diaper on this experiment until I saw how good or bad it looked)

    Next I cut the sheet of printed duct tape in half

    Then I placed the tape (with the back still on) against the diaper to figure out where I wanted to stick it

    The duct tape easily peels from its paper backing (like a giant sticker)

    Final step is to place the duct tape on the front of the diaper, thereby making a printed front panel. The good thing about having a whole sheet of printed duct tape is that you can cut it to size for a custom fit in the size you prefer.

    Hope this little inexpensive idea might help someone get creative with their diapers.

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    I like the Hello Kitty tape! :-D

    And I don't even wear these days!

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    how creative I use to buy stickers from walmart and put it on the depends diapers to make them more babyish, they would fall off after a while though :P

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