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    I am an older person who has been fascinated with being a baby again forever (well at least since puberty).
    I have been in computers since I graduated college and now teach about them.
    I am looking for information on how best to play at being a baby.

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    Quote Originally Posted by howiebabe View Post
    I have been in computers since I graduated college and now teach about them.
    Wow. With no disrespect intended towards your age, I think it's amazing that you've probably seen every significant advance in computer technology since it started becoming relevant to our society. It's cool because if you told be you could teach me about computers, I would believe you, knowing how long you have worked with them.

    I'm not into computers as a career path. I neither know nor care what goes into them nor can I tell you how they work. But I do have great respect for their role in our development as a species and as a society.

    Welcome aboard. As to the baby aspect of your interests, jump into any one of the discussions taking place and you'll learn more than you thought possible.

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