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Thread: My very own "told my girlfriend" thread!

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    Default My very own "told my girlfriend" thread!

    I've been looking forward to the moment when I'd finally get to write one of these.

    I decided to reveal to my girlfriend about my ageplay interests/diaper fetish over this summer, but I was not really sure how to go about it. I knew I had no risk in losing her if I gave her this info, but I still was not sure what her reaction would be or exactly how I would explain it.

    Fortunately I didn't have to think too much about it.

    A few nights ago we were laying in bed, having made up after a few days of snarkiness and awkward tension. She said that she would reveal weird sexual things about her if I would do the same. I knew immediately this would be the moment of truth.

    She said her thing, and then I basically just said (with lots of hesitation, natch) that I had a fetish for diapers. She took it very nonchalantly. A few minutes later I asked her if she'd ever let me diaper her, and she said maybe. But her maybes tend to mean "no".

    We had talked a few months earlier about trying out some roleplay, and I revealed that I would like to see her dress as a young schoolgirl. She was totally keen and told me she'd look into gathering some sort of costume. Hey for all I know I could get her to dress even younger.

    We'll see in time.

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    Hey that's good! I'm glad everything went well for you

    Just remember not to pressure her into taking part, and you're good to go

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    Sounds like your revelation went a little better than mine. Congratulations! I would also advise slowly introducing her to it, if you intend to do so.

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