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Thread: Another one gone.

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    Default Another one gone.

    IF any of you rember dillon who probly dosent go on here. He resently got caught trying to get diapers from an online friend who sent it to him. He sent him baby wear his size, pacifires etc. But the dumb thing is... he didnt know him very well. He is like 32 but that just isnt safe. He coudnt get diapers anywhere else either so it must have sounded temptine. But very unsafe.
    Who is with me on this.

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    completely unsafe! don't do this giving anyone your address is a bad idea >.< least in my opinion (in there defense some times you get extremely desperate not saying its ok but...)

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    It's very unsafe to trust anyone met on the internet, until there has been a lot of interaction. Sometimes not even then.

    That said, a few of our members have posted enough information for others to find them. I presume that there are enough physical safeguards in place (e.g. martial arts training ) for the member to feel safe.

    Many members have also spent a lot of private time chatting among themselves to have developed trusting relationships. This is a good thing, as it promotes lasting friendships and also crutches in times of need.

    Bottom line: BE CAREFUL

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    Thats stupid.

    Although, I shouldn't be talking, I give alot away in my location.... But just try and find me.... I bet you it wont work... That is unless some of the people I trust on here say something.....

    but he really should not have given out his home address.....

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    ... Being a parent myself, I would be hugely afraid of my children giving away their home address (or any of their other personal information) to some random person they "meet" online! The exchange may have been decided upon and acted out innocently, but should NEVER have been encouraged at all. Just because you log in a few hours chatting to someone online does not mean you KNOW that person. There are people out there who prey on that sort of blind trust to do harm. *shivers from fright just thinking of my kids doing this...*

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    Foolish in the extreme. I have been extremely careful with information I give it. It is theoretically possible for some people on site to find me (but not many), but it would be bloody difficult and none of these people live in the same country as me. You have to be so careful with information you give out. Even if I was going to let somebody send me something it would be to a private box - not my house.

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    the mention of a private mailbox for letters and packages brings this to mind :

    Another precaution that should be second nature is the use of anonymous email addresses. It's possible to create different screen-names and email personnae at LOTS of sites which allow free creation and email receipt. All of these are accessible over the web from just about anywhere in the world. They should be used for email to and from persons not personally known, and if possible different addresses for different people. This way both parties are kept at arm's length.

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    I've met some AB/DLs from online... (hell I live right next to one of them now) so it can work out for the better... but as with meeting anyone, caution is always advised... and don't give out your address/personal details to someone unless you know them pretty well and have ways of verifying their age, sex, and etc.

    I have sent out diapers to people on this site on a few occasions... however I'd like to think that I have proven myself to be a (mostly) respectable and trustworthy individual.

    Bottom line... be careful out there kids.

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