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Thread: which would you want.

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    Default which would you want.

    This is some what like my other thread about graphics and game play but it is evil how they make you wate so long for a game so it look like an angil hacked your game.
    But i hate the wait and would rather have it come out sooner than later.

    So would you rather it come out sooner and stilll have same graphcs but diffrent game. or it come out next year with the hacked graphecs.

    Ps the game i want to come out wont be here till march 2009.
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    What? If this is a thread asking between whether you prefer graphics over gameplay, then one already exists...

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    just alittle related to it. BUt what i meant was that when games are released now adays the dont come for 2 years but have good graphecs. But i was saying would you rather it come out now with the same graphics it allredy had or with better grapics. but come out in like 2010.

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    pojo: if a game is scheduled to come out in like a year would you rather it come out sooner with crappy graphics or later with good graphics

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    Default yea thats basicly it

    Quote Originally Posted by Mandy_Jonas View Post
    pojo: if a game is scheduled to come out in like a year would you rather it come out sooner with crappy graphics or later with good graphics
    but like with games that have more than one game in the series like would you want it to have the same graphec as the last one. (my fault for no explaining.)

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    I'd prefer better graphics...These days, there is no excuse for having crappy graphics

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    I don't care about waiting for stuff, so I'd rather wait for better graphics and get more bang for my buck.

    But between graphics and gameplay, gameplay all the way!

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    Well with developing modern games. There is a standard. But it may not need to be the most demanding game on the earth to play. It can still look pretty in its own way by using different art styles. Say for example Cel Shading, or even 2d sprites.

    I don't typically read up on games that are in development or soon to be released. I got out of that awhile ago. What gets made, gets made. And It'll come out when its ready. I don't buy many games as I don't buy many titles, usually the gold games of the year that is to have that appeal to me.
    So Either way I don't care. I buy what sounds good and appeals to me. Which isn't often. Aswell as I don't like spending money on buying too many games. Especially if its a multiplayer game. I expect to get 2-3 years out of it!

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    I prefer it to come out sooner rather then later if the only thing that suffers is the graphics. The sooner games are out the sooner they can make new ones.

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