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Thread: im desperate for diapers

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    Default im desperate for diapers

    Like everyone I get urges for diapers. I haven't worn a diaper since November and I have really been wanting to get some but there is so much stuff in the way.first off, my sister moved back in with us so my brother and I have to share a room, giving me no privacy to hide or wear diapers. I used to sleep in just a diaper almost every night, and now I can't even keep them in my room. Second, I dont have a car right now, I would use my car as a back up hiding spot for diapers. Also since I have no car I can't really go to the store and get some. And since no one knows, i dont want to risk it. Even though i have thought of taking the risk because I think about wearing diapers everyday, and I even have dreams where I'm wearing diapers and I don't know what else to do. The other day I was at the store and I grabbed a pack of depends and I was about to go and pay for them, but I changed my mind last moment. What can I do to buy some and not get caught. Like hiding them for example.

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    I'd be desperate too if I hadn't worn since November... Urgh it must suck having the lack of privacy that comes with sharing a room.
    All I can think of is... could you maybe hide the diapers in one of your clothes drawers/cupboards? Under the clothes? (if nobody goes through them that is...) If you have any boxes of old stuff in your room, you could try hiding them there. Maybe the "box under the bed" thing? Or perhaps even an old schoolbag or something that you no longer use?
    I'm probably not helping very much, but I wish you the best of luck.

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    If you're desperate, there is a pretty easy way to get diapers in your situation.

    However, you will need to be able to borrow your mom/dad's car for a few minutes. So if that's possible, you're good.

    First, send an e-mail/call to Gary at XP Medical. Ask him how you do a "Hold at Fedex Location" (Basically, they ship whatever you buy to a Fedex office with your name on it. The Fedex office then calls you when your package arrives.)

    Order a sample pack of Abri-Form (Your favorite, no?). In that sample, you get two M2's and M4's (or L2/L4's if you're a large, obviously). The 2's are easily worn around people, and virtually undetectable, so that would work in your situation.

    When Fedex calls and says your package has arrived, you go and get it. (you'll have 3 days to do so) Then, you go to a CVS or something, and buy something as a cover-up story for going out. 4 diapers shouldn't be too difficult to slip past and hide from your bother/parents.

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    I like the idea of getting just a sample but I wonder if getting a sample from AB Universe might be more fun...

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    i went over 3 years without wearing diapers and it was horrible!
    i was so desperate i started making makeshift diapers out of garbage bags; which did the trick until i bought diapers a month ago.
    i have mine hidden in a wooden box under lock and key, but if you don't have something like that, a tote, bookbag, in your dresser under a bunch of things, and many other example can be great places to hide your diapers. hope it all works out for you.

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    I'm back at home for summer vacation and I have to share a room with my brother. I keep my diapers in a bag with stuff on top of it so that it is not that noticeable. I wore a dry 24/7 the other night and I soaked it and was able to dispose of it without anybody finding out. It's all about location and discreetness.

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    Over the pass couple of years, I've been been making makeshift diapers with my underwear with toilet paper in it. The toilet paper makes the underwear so soft and comfortable, but recently I'm becoming more desperate for real diapers. But I am too afraid to buy them at the store and I don't know where to hide them in my room without them being found!

    Oh and don't have a drivers license, so I can't drive myself.

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    Back in the day before I had my own place I used to take the diapers out of their package and then lay them flat in between my mattress and bed frame... just have to make sure that YOU change the sheets and not your mom... which for me meant I had to do it weekly or she would do it for me... so my advice once you get real diapers would be to make a "diaper sandwich" so to speak, with your bed...

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    Some people get so desperate they end up stealing them. I know the feeling and it's a torture to deal with and then you end up depressed. One of the great aspects of being an adult, I can wear them anytime I want and not worry about being told not to and plus having my own place. But my parents know anyway and are fine with it so it makes it easier for me to wear them and not have to worry about hiding it or being caught when we live together again. All I have to worry about is my kids.

    I never want to go back to 6th grade again where I felt depressed and wanted diapers badly but couldn't get any. That is why I will never give mine up. If I lose interest, I lose interest and when it comes back, it comes back. But I never force myself to quit and it's done under my consent when I quit for a while, not forced. When I do feel I have to quit for a while, I do feel depressed about it but it's not forever I know and I have cloth diapers for it. So that way I can always wear them.

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