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    Default Planning an Order

    So I am planning to order a pack of Abena's, just one to try them, though i'll probably love them! Still want to test and I don't have my good paying job just yet. I need the order to come on a weekday when nobody but me (possibly brother as well) will be home. I also need a decent price and a good reliable website. Seeing as i'll be putting my financial information out there that is.

    Any suggestions, advice, comments?

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    If you're wondering how not to be caught, its pretty simple...
    Do you have a car?

    If so all you need to do is to find a place that accepts packages on your behalf (UPS Store).
    I use the UPS store to accept my packages ( from DHL, Fedex, USPS, or UPS).
    They do not open the packages. They simply store the packages in the back of the store and you can pick it up at your convenience for a $5.00 fee, they will provide that service for you.
    All you need to do is get the address for the UPS Store (or other similar company) and use it as your Shipping address and where the address 2 line is... leave your cellphone number. They require it to do a call when the package arrives at the store.

    I'm not aware of your living situation, but if you need to you can stop at a goodwill and get some clothes to put on top of the diapers in the box or keep it in your trunk until you can bring it inside discreetly. Most companies discreetly deliver packages in plain brown boxes with no markings. The only thing that can get any kind of grab eye is the shipping label might say the company's name (ie: XP Medical or "BHG for Bambino") but you can grab a pen and scratch it out and you shouldn't have a problem.

    Also, XPMedical(dot)com is one of the best companies out there. I never had any problems and I don't remember anyone complaining about them at all. They sell by packs and cases and sell sample packs for everything that they have. They also carry probably the thickest disposable in the world... Drycare 24/7. I've been giving these guys my business for years and they have never let me down.

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    I actually don't have a car.

    My parents already know, it's just none of their business what I order and I don't want my brother finding out. I just want what's mine mine and it to stay my business. I'm going to to be putting my address on the order and whatnot, I just was wondering how long it usually ships (I know the FedEx and UPS have an estimated shipping date but sometimes they are earlier, later, ect.).

    I was looking at XPMedical and was thinking of using that.
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    It usually depends where you are and where the company is

    XPMedical is from California and for it to get to my house in Louisiana, takes no longer than 5 days. But it varies depending on the time of the year. Also when they ship it. You can get a package tracking app on your phone (or shippers website) to know if and estimate when something is gonna arrive. The estimated arrival date is false and usually it gives more time than needed so you can't depend on that. Just gotta know when its arrived at major city locations near you and know that it'll be there within 2 days. Watch the tracker and see what cities your package goes through so you can have a better idea when its gonna arrive for the next time.

    If you select ground shipping it'll most likely go from warehouse local shipping center to Los Angeles to Phoenix to whatever bigger city in Texas you live, depending where and the distance from that city you can get it same day or next day.

    Look at the UPS, FedEx trucks going through your neighborhood, this is about the time that your package will arrive. Just need to perhaps order something else from a place near Los Angeles, to get a better idea.

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    I would order the diapers on a Thursday to increase the chances they will arrive the following week on a weekday...hmmm..hope that works..

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    Yeah, I ordered them through XPMedical yesterday so hopefully it will all work out! Will update with the news of arrival.

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    Just wondering how your experience went...Any news?

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    I have also used XP many times.
    I can recall only one mix up but a quick call to Gary and it was taken care of.

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    Yeah, I got them! I got a truck for work and such, then on Tuesday the order came through. I made sure to request the order be dropped at the nearest FedEx store and I went and picked it up. I put the pack in a backpack I brought with me. The Abena M4's are amazing and I'm going to order a case when I get my first paycheck on Friday!

    Though how to get all of those into the house will be a good question....

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    Awesome! Glad to hear the news, after the first time it seems to gets easier in different ways. I know its an adrenaline rush (every time really).

    As for getting a case in the house. If you know your housemate's schedules during the afternoon and know a time to come in before anyone else, try to slip in at the time. If you can't and have to wait til late , just leave it in the vehicle, or in the garage with other random boxes until you can get it inside.

    If you have a decent sized closet you can grab your out of season clothes, junk stuff you never touch anymore and put them in boxes and stack them on top of the case.

    Just to let you know that XPMedical usually turns boxes inside out so that the graphics are on the inside, not that Abena has much on it besides Abriform M4 or ect. with blue stripes. You'll probably be the only person who know what that means.

    You should try their booster pads too, it really feels nice with extra bulk and such.

    Just pre-plan every time you make an order. Try not to get too comfortable if you don't want to be caught.

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