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    Hi boys and girls,

    Patriotic British babies might want to check out this sleeper that Asda online are selling: Union Jack All in One | Men | George at ASDA

    It's pretty cheap, but as I went through all my baby clothes recently to load up my new wardrobe it appears I have an awfully large number of sleepers... I could host a sleep-over Anyway, I'm an English kid, not a British baby

    Asda sell another all in one men's pyjama that they call a onesie; truly the ab world is being taken over by everyone!! Well, apart from the wearing nappies thing...


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    I seem to recall Primark had something similar last year round about the time of the Royal Wedding. Can't imagine they'll sell many while the weather's still so hot though.

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    That looks horrid. Just far too much going on there. I would like something a bit less.

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    a bit much and no feet, none the less i like

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    Quote Originally Posted by BluTack View Post
    That looks horrid. Just far too much going on there. I would like something a bit less.
    That was my thought too, there are just too many flags that they seem to overlap so instead of loads of union jacks we have a large number of red, blue and white stripes and in a horrible mish-mash pattern.

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    it's not a nice design if it was like a big flag front and back would of been cute and I would of got one straight off and I would love P&G's adult brand to make a Union Jack edition like they have with the pampers active fit

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    I didn't like it terribly, but I didn't think fifteen fun tokens was too bad for a sleeper. Cotton sleepers are fine to wear in the hot weather. I'm just about to take a picture of the one I got yesterday and slept in last night - even though my flat is like an oven I slept really well. I'm really pleased I sleep well these days, it makes such a difference to my life I've no idea how I managed with awful insomnia for so long...


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    That's horrid's print is so too busy. Plus there's no feet!

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