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Thread: pampers Tshirt, but im not sure on sizing

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    Default pampers Tshirt, but im not sure on sizing

    adult baby diaper t shirt diapers ab dl tb Pampers ringer mens XL | eBay

    The linked is for an XXL, but he has MED ones. I dont know if i should hold out for a small, or go medium. I like tight shirts that show off my boobs :P

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    I really want that

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    I'd say just get it. It would be nice to have a smaller size but you're gonna kick yourself if you don't get it and the small never comes. plus omg I want that soooo bad

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    They have been around for years, but I have the urge to get one now. To bad i cant get them in girls!

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    I just bought one I have been waiting for months to find an xl the large was a bit to tight. but it does look good on me when I am wearing my shortalls.

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