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    So I'm a big fan of noisy embarrassing plastic mattress protectors. They're getting more difficult to find these days as the more subtle cloth or terry covered kinds become more popular. But last weekend I hit the jackpot - a selection of noisy plastic bedwetting sheets at Pillow Talk (an Australian bedding/homewares store - I don't know if these exist overseas). They were for all different sized beds, not just kids beds, and best of all, had "Ideal for frequent bedwetters" printed right on the front. I had to have it, even if only for the thrill of buying it.

    I finally got a chance to try it out the other night and discovered that it had a leak - I wound up with a palm-sized wet patch on the mattress underneath. So "bummer" I thought to myself - I guess I would just have to put a towel down on the bed underneath in future. But reading a thread about plastic sheets here just now gave me a much better idea: I can return it to the store and get a replacement. What could be better than walking in there, finding a cute sales assistant and telling her, in a somewhat round-about and legitimized way, that I still wet the bed. I won't just drop that of course - I'll just politely inform her that my waterproof mattress protector is not waterproof and that I have a stain on my bed as a result.

    I feel a little seedy engaging in this sort of exhibitionism, involving others in my depraved fantasies. But there's no victim here. It's harmless, and I just can't wait to see how she reacts. So what do you guys think about this? Does anyone else enjoy this sort of thing - publicly outing yourself to bask in the humiliation. Is anyone highly morally opposed to this sort of behaviour?

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    What you're doing is kinda skeezy but you do have a legitimate defective product and it's just that, a product. As long as you don't start talking about your "bed wetting" or diapers then it's a legitimate transaction. The people I have problems with are the ones that do things like buy a pack of diapers and say something like "I need those out of bag because I'm wearing one right now and it's all wet" to the clerk. That's just sick and wrong. Just buying the diapers, or just asking for no bag is totally cool.Role-playing that with a consenting party? ok fine, it takes all kinds, but to do that to an "innocent" is just disgusting.

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    So sounds like you want to tell a female. What will you do if a dude is there to asset you? Just wondering.

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    LittleMiss, you're absolutely right and I'm very mindful of this. It's just wrong, in the same way that exposing yourself in a public is wrong. But in addition to that, it spoils the roleplay for me if I make it creepy like that. No real bedwetter would walk in there and actually want to talk about their problem, so neither should I. But it just happens that it's impossible for me to get this replacement without at least implying that I wet the bed. I mean, the product alone makes sure of that. It also makes it hard for me to enjoy if I feel like a big creepy weirdo, so I try to avoid that

    And j2319, it's a big store so there's sure to be at least one cute girl working. If there wasn't though.. I'm not sure what I'd do. I'd probably just get the replacement anyway because it's too much of a pain to come back hoping to be able to speak to a girl. It would be a bit of a disappointment though.

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