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Thread: Can any of you wear diapers anywhere without being afraid ?

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    Default Can any of you wear diapers anywhere without being afraid ?

    First let me say no one knows i wear diapers except for people online. the first memory i have of liking diapers was when I was 6 or 7. I wear diapers in front of friends, family and basically any where I want and I have never been afraid. I wear diapers just like regular underwear and I don't put boxers over them to try and hide them like some people. When ever I wear in front of people I always have my diapers covered by pants, shorts or pajama bottoms. since my diapers were always covered up I guess I was never afraid that people would see them.

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    Yes, i think i can wear a diaper anywhere or even in front of anyone without being afraid, covered with clothing and fully exposed. But just because i am not afraid does not mean i would wear it full shown to anyone. Only in front of some friends and some family would i be fully exposed. Also not afraid if someone sees it by accident

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    I wear them all the time, even every time I go out.
    I never wear anything over them besides pants or pajamas either, tho sometimes I do use plastic pants.

    I dont really ever give it second thoughts either.

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    it's all in your head about what you think people will see.. if you are wearing pants and shirt, it is fine.

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    If you actually look at people's butts and try to pick out someone wearing a diaper you might see several that you think might be... but probably aren't. People don't actually go around looking at your butt and even if they do how do they know?

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    I wear diapers and plastic pants everyday under my jeans. I don't think anyone will find out what is under my pants, without me taking them off.

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    I have worn an AB Universe cushie at home around my family. I have also worn a diaper to a Target store where I was shopping. I also successfully changed myself in the bathroom into a fresh clean diaper ( I had the new diapers in my bag) was great...I love wearing in public...

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    I wear them everywhere as well & recently told my kids about them so I have been going around the house in just a diaper & T-shirt. They never comment or seem like they care at all but to tell you the truth I still feel a little funny doing it :/

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    Anywhere and everywhere I wear with my diapees[public and home,friends and outings]...and even carry a diaper bag too[Pokemon on it]

    Nope...Im never afrade of my diapers.

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    I'm content with wearing diapers wherever and whenever I want, the only thing is carrying a change with me. Sometimes it can be a little cumbersome.


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