The "gallery" that we have had for years is being replaced with "albums".

In general, all the images you put in the gallery will appear in an album marked "Public Photos" on your profile.

There are two exceptions:
  1. Images that were in a private gallery album under the old system are not placed in of the new system's albums. They're uploaded, but not visible to anyone but their uploader until they're assigned to an album. Everyone who uploaded this type of image in the past has been sent a PM explaining how to assign these images to one of their albums.
  2. People who had images in the EC+ category have all their EC+ and public images put in a single album called "Private Photos", which is friends-only. They also get a PM from me explaining the situation. They are invited to review their previously public / EC+ images, deciding which should be public and which should be friends-only.

These two exceptions were necessary because the new software has no concept of "password-protected" images, nor of "EC+" images.
Since we couldn't restrict those images the same way, we decided to:
  1. Ask the image owners to choose for themselves where their images should go.
  2. Do all the technical work for them, so it should be easy for them to move their images as needed.
  3. In the meantime, prior to the owner making an explicit choice, protect the images at least as strongly as they were protected before.

Other things to be aware of:
  1. The new albums are simple, and light on features, compared to the old gallery. This is intentional. Simple, secure, and friend-based are how we want them to be. It also means we're unlikely to be adding any major features to the albums for the moment. This includes porting features we used to have in the gallery.
  2. Specifically, the new albums lack the ability to password-protect photos, to watermark photos, to have a complex nesting of categories, and to browse photos without going through someone's profile to get them.
  3. They do, however, support several key things the old gallery did not, such as automatically putting your public albums on your profile, allowing us to show public images in more places, and access control based on your friends list.

If you have any questions about the migration, ask here.

One final note: Macky is the man. He basically made this migration happen. If you see him around, give him a hug and a thank you.