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    Hello all!

    I have to say I almost forgot about my account on here. I joined awhile ago with the intention of meeting with people, expanding my knowledge about the diaper community, and above all else become more involved with it so I'm actually known on here.

    ...But life, laziness, and my terrible memory got in the way and I ended up forgetting about this profile.

    However! Now I'm here! And now I'm typing on an introduction thread!

    A little about myself then!
    I'm living up in north east Ohio, about a half hour south of Cleveland.
    I've been into diapers actively for about 7-8 years. What started out as a simple curiosity, turned into something a bit more then that, and one thing led to another and I was stealing pull ups from my nephew and buying my own diapers at the store. I've evolved as an ABDL much much more since then and now I have a nice stash of diapers and baby related stuff.

    For about a year now I've been on the daddy search. I know how hard it is to actually find one so I've been patient and lining up my ducks. I hope to eventually find a daddy who doesn't live to far away who I can just be a toddler for. Nothing too special at first but I would love to find one.

    Aaaaannnddd...That's about all I can think of right now. Let me know if you want to know anything else about me! I won't answer all and everything about myself (paranoia and privacy reason mostly) but I will make an attempt and simply tell you its too personal to answer if it is.

    Thank you and goodnight!

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    Welcome to the site! Can relate on the laziness and terrible memory, I was actually a member here a long time ago, and forgot about it. Came back, then forgot about, then came back again and finally actually remembered to stay xD.

    Annnyywaays, great introduction and good luck on your search, it does take a long long time at times, but it is usually worth it in the end. The only thing you didn't think of, was what some of your interests outside of *B/DL are =p. So, as you can probably guess, what are some of your interests/hobbies outside of AB/DL world (and of course it isn't something people have to say in an introduction if they are worried about privacy etc. with it)?

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