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    Hey guys just wondering if there are any competetive tennis players out there. I play very competitvly in high school and I am the top singles on my team. Tihs is the first year I will be playing JTT in the summer and also playing somewhere in the winter. What kind of racquets/shoes or gear do you guys use?

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    I don't like competive sports, for some reason. However, I'm okay at tennis and play it with family and friends quite often. I don't remember what type of racket I have since I got it a few years back. I think shock absorbers on the racket make it much easier to play. Also I use Dr. Sholes tennis shoes, they are the most comfortable and good looking shoes I've ever had. The best part? Only $20 at Walmart.

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    Yes, about 3 years ago. I took up cross country instead recently. But, I can share some advice:

    I used a Head racket, but I had a couple friends that preferred Wilson rackets. To each his own.

    Tennis shoes, I used and still use New Balance. My personal preference. Some people like Nike, but I don't because I don't like the look of them.

    As for the tennis balls, I used your average Wilsons.

    I never cared about my clothes if I was playing for fun, but my team had a uniform. It was Adidas shirts, with whatever shorts we wanted, as long as they were black or navy.

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