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Thread: Nappy/Diaper "exploding"

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    Default Nappy/Diaper "exploding"

    Hey fellas!

    I've recently seen this news story in our local newspaper, and it seemed just a little odd to me, and some parts of the situation are either amusing/concerning, depending on which viewpoint one takes.

    Here it is: Brighton mum's horror as baby's nappy 'explodes' (From The Argus)

    Read it, and see what you think of it: you don't see a news story like this every day!

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    Wow she overreacted... She overreacted even by using the word explode... she should've used broke open and it's not pamper's fault it got all over the baby.

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    Huh. She obviously doesn't change her kid's diaper often enough, if the thing gets to bursting point.

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    It just went off like a bomb? Bang... and there's SAP everywhere, just like that?

    What an idiot! Any wonder pampers fobbed her off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Z3R0 View Post
    $10 voucher :P
    Haha. Exactly.

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    This can happen...I seen[actually heard] it happen once...

    When my close friend's aunt son was around 1 1/2 years old, one day he allready soaked a huggies alot jumped up on the couch and when he fell on his bum.......BOOM!! Fluff stuff everywhere...I giggled when I heard and saw what happened...

    Yes, diapers can explode like bombs too...FWWWHAHAHAAH!!!

    This story is nuts!!!

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    Shouldn't really be that surprising that the diaper ruptures when it reaches capacity.

    I can understand why she might get the idea that the crystals could cause a rash, however if she took better care of changing the kid she probably wouldn't have had that issue.

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    It's not the diaper filler that causes a rash, it's prolonged exposure to urine on the skin.

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