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Thread: Eco-friendly disposable products- please tell me your experiences of them

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    Default Eco-friendly disposable products- please tell me your experiences of them

    Hello,ladies and gentlemen.

    I would like to know what your experiences of 'eco-friendly disposable' nappies/diapers are, if you have worn them at some point in your life. I have seen a lot of reviews/articles about disposable products but none of those were related to products which were specifically eco-friendly.

    This is important as us AB/DLs need to be increasingly concerned, as the years progress about our carbon footprint and the environment as much as we can when wearing nappies/diapers, and also because I am sure some AB/DLs here wear such products e.g. Nature Babycare/Moltex (both of which fall into the category of eco-friendly disposable products).

    Please tell me what you think of them if you have worn them

    Thank you!
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    Thank you for bringing this up. I personally don't have any experience. However, I think about it often and feel it's very important to get all products going in this direction, ab/dl included.

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    while I don't fit in baby diapers and haven't found any eco-friendly adult disposables I have noticed the eco friendly baby disposables on the shelves. Personally I think it's wonderful that they're using recycled product in baby diapers and toilet paper etc. as there is no reason I can justify cutting down a tree to make something to wipe your butt with :/ From mothers I know that have used the eco friendly baby diapers I've heard good things about them. They're purportedly not as absorbent (since they don't use SAP) but are apparently good quality, non irritating (for babies who have hyper-sensitive skin that may be irritated by the bleach products in brands like pampers or huggies) and as easy to use as conventional disposables I know if I have the money when I become a mamma I'm definitely gonna look into that. No need to have my child have any more toxic chemicals than they have to!

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