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Thread: Diaper tight around the legs

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    Default Diaper tight around the legs

    Whenever I put on my diapers, they seem to be really tight at the leg cuff area. Am I putting them on wrong or are they too small? I'm wearing Walgreens brand medium and I think my waist size is 38 (basing it off my underwear size)

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    I wouldn't say they're too small. I have a 38 inch waist as well and I usually wear a medium size in most brands. I think it is probably the way that you are taping them up. Do you tape the diaper on really tightly when you are putting it on?


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    Should the diaper not be tight around the legs to avoid leaks?

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    If diaper has multiple tapes on each side, then not taping the lower tape is sometimes enough to get more comfy fit. As long as diaper is snug, that might be enough. I do this with some small size adult diapers, to make them fit my size medium frame. Good luck!

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    It might not be that its too small but that its too small for yor legs. Me for example I'm a 36 waist and mediums are too small for me because I have thick legs like a football player, so I don't like wearing mediums.

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    The front flap area of the diaper around the legs, how much room is left on the lower tape area.
    Do you have enough room to make them looser?
    If not then they may be to small.

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    You are probably putting them on too tight. That happens to me sometimes and it's very uncomfortable where the leg gathers are. They dig into that area and it's very uncomfortable.

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    I'll try messing around with it and see if the problem goes away, If, not I guess I'll have to get the large next time. Thanks everyone

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